The course builds your psychological resilience as sports coach. It helps you deal with the uncontrolable factors that are a given in top sport. It helps you to regulate your emotions, recharge your batteries and achieve long-term success.

The course is a 6-weeks program, with 1 hour of mental training per week. It is self-paced, you work when your schedule allows it.

10' tutorial followed by 45'-60' individual mental training

Hi, I'm Kris Perquy, your coach and mentor for this program.

I have summarized my work with coaches and athletes at elite levels in Belgium and abroad to help you raise your game. In this course we focus on building psychological resilience, an essential quality to be successful in the demanding world of top sport.

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PDF Manual of the program

The QUICK WIN option is for experienced sports coaches who are looking to tweak their successful approach. You are knowledgeable about mental coaching and psychological resilience and just want some new input to gain that extra advantage. The PDF is the manual of the course, the slide deck that is used in the 6-weeks program.



Online video tutorial with 6 modules + PDF Manual

This ADVANCED option is for both new and experienced coaches who are aware that building their psychological insight will be an important step in their development. You will definitely boost your performance with your athletes and team. The 6-weeks program can be completed at your own pace. The course contains 6 video tutorials (6 to 12 minutes) with a scientific framework, proven methods and exercises, testimonials from my athletes and coaches in Belgium and a concrete assignment to build your own skills week after week.



Online program with 6 personal mentoring sessions

This VIP MENTORING PLAN is for coaches who appreciate the dedicated personal support from a mentor with world-class experience. We build your psychological resilience together in this 6-weeks program. Using the video tutorials as a starting point, we tailor the approach to your specific requirements. During our weekly mentoring sessions (online), we discuss the assignments and you get additional insights and proven techniques to build your mental coaching skills and psychological resilience.